Context :

The Analysis of AMPF’s Governance project was a retrospective evaluation of the governance structures, systems, and processes of the Moroccan Family Planning Association (AMPF) against international best practices for non-profit organizations. Established in 1971 and recognized as a public utility in 1972, AMPF is a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing and facilitating access to sexual and reproductive health services, as well as advocating for these services for individuals of all genders and backgrounds, particularly those who are underserved. As a member of the International Federation for Family Planning (IPPF), AMPF is part of an internationally and locally managed civil society movement. The project evaluated AMPF’s past governance practices and made recommendations for improvements to ensure that the organization continued to serve its mission effectively and efficiently.

Project Team :

  • Ahmed Jazouli: Team Leader and an expert on democratic governance and public policies.
  • Rachida Akerbib: Gender and Political Inclusion in Territorial Collectivities Consultant and Logistics Manager with over 10 years experience in project management and organizational development of local governments and civil society. She has experience in integrating gender and human rights in programs targeting vulnerable populations.
  • Marouan Jazouli: Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with a background in international development and strong analytical skills. Skilled in program design, implementation, and data analysis, with a proven track record of successfully monitoring and evaluating projects in various sectors.