TALM Engagement on Youth Employability

TALM has a long experience in training youth for access to the labor market, launching business,es or in job upgrading.

These are the most successful stories we can share:


TO GOLD (Together Opening Global Opportunities for Leaders of Development):

TALM is leading the project “To Gold” which assists young entrepreneurs from pre-startup to financing their projects and leading the first two years of business successfully.

One hundred percent dedicated to young men and women willing to generate revenue through business, including people with disabilities in rural and urban areas, the project attracts young Moroccans from different regions in the country.

In year one, the project focuses on promoting entrepreneurship among youth in the country.

The project selects its candidates based on the will to engage in business without any requirement at all.


NEETS Could join call Centers:

TALM organized training to groups of youth who were seeking jobs in Call Centers, within a package of training that led them to be hired.

The training targeted young men and women who were neither in education nor in employment nor in training (NEETS) and have no degrees.

Through our assessment, we got to the fact that call centers are open to skilled persons who can only show their ID at the entrance and show skills during the interview. So, we took this as an opportunity and we assessed the skills required by call centers and we designed the program. The key requirements were French and English languages and sales skills.

Those who passed the interview showed seriousness in learning and working and could make a sentence in English and a sentence in French.

Through 21 days of training, 6 hours a day, from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm (with half an hour break at 12:00), we could have all our groups on the job.
The big challenge was to make them all get in the training at 8:00. On the third day, we started offering breakfast for free at 7:30 am. On the fourth day, all participants were on time, not for the training only, but for the breakfast too.

The training targeted 600 people from 2014 to 2018, they were all hired.

Other training are as follows:

Training in Photography:

The training in photography draws people of different ages including young participants. But those who participated in the program to be professional photographers, were between 18 and 30. The training takes two months to complete the curriculum. Laureates work as photographers in events and participate in exhibitions and some of our photographers collaborate with newspapers. In the coming years, we will see our photographers on the podium.


Training on website development:

The training targeted youth with IT elementary skills. One hundred percent organized in Darija (Moroccan daily language), the laureates are full-time job website designers (they develop one website for at least USD 500.00). They all have their websites, social media pages, and some YouTube channels from which they generated revenue.


Training on English language proficiency:

TALM assisted groups and individuals to get into proficiency levels. TALM got requests from newspapers, communication firms, and senior individuals. It organized training for groups and individuals on the language of the sector. (Note: The founder of TALM started his job as an English teacher and taught communication in English at Mohammed V University in Rabat and he is a published author in English).


Training on NGOs management:

TALM trained for USAID the staff of 5 NGOs within a program that lasted from February 2020 to the End of January 2021 on several topics including NGOs’ management, fundraising, communication, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic planning. This training was a training of trainers. Participants are now training other NGO leaders all over the country.